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Each child with PH is in need of an oxygen concentrator. Help kids breathe freely!
Ekaterina Khrapova
PHA Belarus
Children with PH live a lifetime like we did in the Corona lockdown.
Oksana Aleksandrova
Chairman of the Board of the PHA Ukraine
My goal is to visit a concert with my grandchild once in my life.
Eva Otter
Vice President PH Austria
My lucky number is 8. That is how many pills I have to take every day to see my children grow.
Rima Gruodienė
President ŽSPHA (Lithuania)
A patient with Pulmonary Hypertension experiences shortness of breath whilst walking every day of their life, unlike other patients who have times when they feel better.
Aryeh Copperman
CEO Israel Pulmonary Hypertension Association
Covid has all of our children at home, limiting interaction with other friends and confined to safe spaces without exposure to too many people. Patients with PH live their lives conscious of this exposure, staying safely away from anyone with infections. Let's take this awareness with us and become a more sensitive society.
Maayan Steele
Israel Pulmonary Hypertension Association
Every patient with PH has an amazing history. I have a dream that PH will be a completely curable chronic disease.
Vjara Vragova
To adapt to the constantly changing ’new normal’ is business as usual for those living with PH. This is what we all have to learn now.
Dora Erdelyi
Member of Tüdőér Egylet, the Hungarian PH association
Living with pulmonary hypertension is difficult and full of challenges but giving up is not an option!
Zdenka Bradač
President PH Croatia
We did not choose the disease or the situation we are in, but we can choose how to live with it.
Eszter Csabuda
Chairwoman of Tüdőér Egylet, the Hungarian PH association
PH is only 'rare' until it happens to you or your child.
Teresa Carvalho
Fellow Associação Portuguesa de Hipertensão Pulmonar
Every time I walk in steps, I am reminded of my illness.
Hall Skaara
Staff member PHA Europe
Before sleeping healthy people are contemplating their dreams, PH patients wondering whether they will wake up at all.
Rima Gruodienė
President ŽSPHA (Lithuania)
Healthy people have many dreams, sick people only have one dream.
Iryna Zhuchenko
PHA Ukraine
Having pulmonary hypertension and not having a cure is unthinkable to many, but it is real. Let’s make it together that every PH patient has a cure.
Vera Hodzic
President of Association of citizens suffering from pulmonary hypertension „Breath“- in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Pulmonary hypertension is a heavy baggage that accompanies us throughout the journey of our life.
Leonardo Radicchi
President Associazione Ipertensione Polmonare Italiana Onlus
Give a hand to the patients and you will realize that this is the beginning of your common struggle because the disease is not the end!
Sabina Hodzic
Association of citizens suffering from pulmonary hypertension „Breath“- in Bosnia and Herzegovina
People with pulmonary hypertension are a big family with a big heart.
Eva García
President ANHP Spain
If you are living with a disease, stop thinking about things you cannot do. Focus on the things you can.
Tadeja Ravnik
President PH Slovenia
It is extremely important for dental practitioners to be knowledgeable about their PAH patients' history and medical treatment to deliver care safely, especially in Corona times. Since we belong to a vulnerable group, our dentists must take all additional measures so as not to endanger our health.
Danijela Pesic
President of PHA Europe with her dentist
We cannot simply surrender to PH: we have to relearn how to live because we are more than the disease.
Maria Joao Saraiva
President Associação Portuguesa de Hipertensão Pulmonar
Living with a disease means fighting a lot of battles knowing you can't win the war.
Leonardo Radicchi
President Associazione Ipertensione Polmonare Italiana Onlus
I am convinced that when the voice of patients with PH is strong, we can go through all the difficulties together.
Natalia Maeva
President of  BSPPH, Board member of PHAE.
I have been living with pulmonary hypertension for more than 20 years. It is not easy to live with it, but if you accept it, you can live to the fullest and get pleasure from your life every day.
Liliya Yarullina
President PH Russia


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